She’s determined, but sweet. Eternal optimist, never forgets a birthday. She never gives up on her friends. She’s completely loyal. Great at surpassing expectations. 

She’s perfect.

“Klaus thinks of Caroline when he looks out of his window just before bed. He picked his bedroom for one purpose to say goodnight to the bright moon outside of his window. He can whisper goodnight into the wind and hope it brushes her face miles away as Caroline lights up the moon.”

Gooddame trying to murder me with the feels tonight. (via loveyou914)

"You work your ass off to give ppl what they've been asking for.."


-No one asked your ass for nothing (except for a little respect which you fail to deliver over and over again.)

-You’re INCAPABLE of giving people what they ask for (see brackets above)

-No one asked you for shit

-Funny, what people ACTUALLY asked for was Kol back on TVD. Then they asked to see…

Pic of the Day: 20 October 2014


Pic of the Day: 20 October 2014


Stay will forever be one of my favorite Klaroline songs, and the lyrics are illustrated so well in this gif set. Klaus and Caroline have always seemed as if they had an odd sort of pull towards each other, as if they were always leaning until Caroline went in for the kiss in 5×11. Even in the cinematography of this scene, the camera pans around them, their full bodies visible, mirroring each…

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AU | Klaus & Caroline spend the night together


Scenes from the alternative version of Video Games music video


the real supernatural aspect of supernatural is how sam and dean never get charged with 3000000 accounts of credit card fraud